Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Books: Shiver

"I felt like things were getting away from me. I'd found heaven and grabbed it as tightly as I could, but it was unravelling, an insubstancial thread sliding between my fingers, too fine to hold." 
This is without a doubt my favourite book ever written. Everything about it simply stunning. The cover, perfect; The words, poetry; The story, devastatingly beautiful.

I will admit that I got far too emotionally involved in the love story between Sam and Grace, so much so that I spent most of my time crying, even once I had finished the book.
Stiefvater introduced me to the heartbreaking words of Rilke, with which I have developed a love affair.

The second instalment to Stiefvater's 'Wolves of Mercy Falls' trilogy, Linger, is equally as beautiful. Watch the trailer, music composed artwork created by Stiefvater herself... genius!

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